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    Clam Protein! Health! Vitality!

    Key Features

    • The Clam Protein is the best nutrition extracted from selected clams. By the most advanced extract technology, the Clam Protein come with the completed Essential Amino Acids、Choline、Glycogen、Taurine、Arginine & trace elements include Zinc, Ca & Phosphorus. Clam Protein also provide rich Vitamin B12. It is one of the best dietary supplement for human !
    • Clam Protein is one of the highest and most complete essential amino acid score meeting the strict protein standards issued by FAO/WHO. This is a higher quality protein than beef, milk, soybean, egg or chicken breast ! 
    • Clam Extract Capsules by the unique 3rd Generation extracting technology.
      The Dietary Supplement Of Exuberant Vitality. Completed Western Medicine Free, All from Nature Clam Extract. Tiny Peptides, Highly Absorbed.
    • In Taiwan, the most clam cultivation ponds are mainly located in Hualien County, Changhua County and Yunlin County.  Among them, Shoufeng and Yuli township of Hualien County are located in the Hualien Rift Valley which is between Central Mountains and Coast Mountains and having fresh air, clean and clear water.
    • The farmers from Shoufeng and Yuli township use springs of living water which is out of gravel ground to cultivate plump and nutrient clams. The clams have excellent quality and look golden brown outside. Therefore, the clams which are produced from Hualien , called as “Golden Clam”.
    • Clam is a useful liver functional foods. In Compendium of Materia Medica》 (The Chinese herbal medicine culmination of historical works), clam is referred that it can remove scorching, neutralize the effect of alcoholic drinks and heal Jaundice.  Indeed, since ancient times, it’s handed down that drinking clam soup often can sure liver disease.
    • FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) praised that clam as 100 value perfect protein. Clams are rich in glycogen and Vitamins, especially Vit.B12, calcium, organic zinc and other minerals, which is the best source of D.H.A that children need. Even more, clams contain many liver beneficial ingredients and able to provide complete nutrition to help the elements that can strengthen liver function and promote the metabolism smoothly.

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